Exploring the foundations of curiosity and sensemaking.

Jeremy is a Ph.D. student under Dr. Eric Ragan in the Interactive Data and Immersive Environments (INDIE) lab at the University of Florida. Jeremy mainly builds interactive data visualizations to study Human-Centered Computation and Psychological concepts. Check out his current and past projects, or read some of his recent publications.


Inspired by the natural world, Jeremy is an explorer, excited to ignite the next generation of life-long learners. Fascinated by the concepts of motivation, curiosity, and storytelling, Jeremy is seeking ways to partner human intuition with artificial intelligence to inspire. With the flexibility provided by the Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. program at the University of Florida, Jeremy's diverse set of experience lends itself to creative opportunity exploration in every project he approaches.

Current Work

Jeremy's current research focuses on the development of interactive visualizations for communicating inherently non-visual data. He focuses on the communication of interaction histories; distilling key moments of meaning and orchestrating them into a short narrative. This work is inspired in part by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Jeremy's childhood involved countless hours marching through the Pocono mountain backcountry. Following his curiosity, Jeremy climbed about treetops, mixed up mud puddles, and sang his heart out on stage. As a teen, Jeremy invested in his community through his work as a Boy Scout. Jeremy found his inclination toward mentoring when he partnered with younger cub scouts and, through his encouragement, invited all 13 of them to learn new knots, make genuine entertainment, and ultimately continue with their scouting careers. Jeremy was diagnosed with dysgraphia in elementary school and, with the support of his family, found video to be a non-written way to engage with concepts and express his ideas. He completed his Eagle Scout award, learned STEM concepts through an advanced multidisciplinary high school curriculum, and began producing videos for his high school and the New York Film Academy.
Intending to use new media to communicate the benefits of education, Jeremy pursued an Emerging Media degree at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. He was awarded the Park Scholarship and used this opportunity to deeply engage with media literacy both with young students and inquisitive retirees. Jeremy studied a variety of unusual topics in New Zealand like Geology, Latin, and sustainability. Jeremy applied project management techniques as he developed a handful of video games, founded a visual effects student community, and directed the first animated show at the oldest college television network in the US. After graduation, he helped professors design online learning modules and orchestrated Virtual Reality experiences for Ithaca College. Through his work, he saw first-hand how media production could be influential, and realized that cognitive processing was the key to understanding the foundations of curiosity; therefore graduate study began.
Now, with the ever-present sunshine in Gainesville, FL, Jeremy has been inspired to connect with his family's roots as farmers, where he volunteers on a local farm, teaches students about compost, and makes the zero waste lifestyle look good; all while he tries to distill the essence of what motivates people to learn new things.
Inspired by a collection of inspiring teachers, empathetic professors, and myriad experiences, Jeremy is drawn toward academics. He believes that knowledge is the ultimate gift and strives to turn apathy into curiosity.