A handful of past and current projects Jeremy is working on.


Provenance reporter 2021

An automatic reporting tool that takes a sequence of provenance steps and attempts to generate a textual narrative from the user history.

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An example of the interface we used to capture user annotations

First Impressions of Weak AI 2020

We developed an interface that captured how users worked with an AI enhanced trash idetification tool with known weaknesses.

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An example of the interface we used to capture user annotations

Explanation Benchmark for Artificial Intellegence 2020

Working with Sina Mohseni, we developed an interface to collect Amazon Mechanical Turk data realted to an explanations goodness as well as the areas users found most "explainable."

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Sprinkle-plot 2019

Interaction logs can become incredibly complex, so using sprinkleplot, we encode specific interactions with different glyphs when comparing a individual user's log, but also the comparison between multiple users at once.

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QRL8 2018

A QR based shot application for video production environments. Capture the QR code at the beginning of the shot, keep notes in the mobile app, and let our desctop tool automatically organize your footage to make editing easier.

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